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I has flash again!

2009-11-25 11:12:53 by RiceMonkey

Ya, but I'm not really doing much but drawing pictures instead of doing homework. I forgot how tedious animating was D: I have some ideas for stuff, but idk if I'll ever get around to them ]:


2008-08-22 18:09:50 by RiceMonkey

Well, my Flash has been gone for like 4 months or something, sorry for being inactive, I come here a lot still, I'm just to lazy to like, log in D: so like... BADUM!

New Flash Being Made?

2008-01-31 21:31:35 by RiceMonkey

Kinda, Im balancing school, skating, video game, and making this flash, which isn't going to well. so far... I have the first frame <.< I hope I can get this done before my trial is gone (12 days from today D:)

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Random Flash II

2008-01-22 18:22:57 by RiceMonkey

Yup, its comin' I'm working on it has I type this D: This time, at 30fps and in color! (woo) I hope I can share it with you guys soon :D

wow, 3 days of work, and its only 30 seconds long D: 30fps is taking forever D:

Wewt its out (finally <.<) heres the link [

New Series!

2008-01-20 14:54:16 by RiceMonkey

After thinking really hard, I came up with a new series. I started work on the first episode today, called, We Gots Trouble. I hope it turns out okay D:

Oh and btw, I've been trying to change my picture too this, but even though it says it was successful I can't see it D: any ideas?

New Series!


2008-01-18 19:39:56 by RiceMonkey

I just joined today, and submitted 2 movies. I've been here a lot, but just decided to make an account nao. Welcome me warmly please D: